Clàudia is from the Emporda, and teaches our Catalan and Spanish-language yoga classes. She has been practicing yoga for 7 years, has completed her 200 hour training with Yoga One by DIR (Barcelona), her Yoga Wheel certificate, and pursued her passion for Acro-yoga through many workshops. Her most recent training was in Ashtanga Yoga at the Institute of Yoga and Ayurveda in Rishikesh (India). Clàudia believes her “raison d’etre” is helping others find happiness through an immersion in yoga. She’s passionate about helping people experience yoga - not simply having it explained to them. On the mat, Clàudia seeks to give her students effective tools for yoga challenges, which can be transferred to day-to-day life. She defines her style of yoga as a mixture of Hatha, Vinyasa, Dharma, and Ashtanga. She works creatively across these disciplines, emphasising correct alignment and posture, based on understanding how the body and the mind work together. Besides teaching these various forms of yoga, Clàudia offers tailored workshops on equilibrium, inversions and Acroyoga, with Thai massage.

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