Sustainable, Regenerative Tourism

Our mission is to provide our guests with a place they can focus on themselves, at no cost to the environment. We don't say this lightly - it is hard to achieve, and we are not there yet. It is a collaborative exercise, which we undertake with our guests - a mission we share. We seek to be regenerative, not merely sustainable. We apply the 3 ethics of Permaculture to our business processes: Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share. We believe that truly responsible tourism is one that spreads knowledge through lived experience. We try to show our guests how to lower their environmental footprint, and how to leave the planet in a better state than how they found it. We are always open to learning, and continually seek new knowledge, to better ourselves and our performance.

100% Renewable Energy

All of our energy is from renewable sources at La Bruguera. We produce electricity from photovoltaic solar panels, and store the excess in batteries for night-time usage. Our hot water comes from solar thermal panels, air-source heat pumps, and a biomass boiler into which we put the logs and trimmings from our forest-custodian duties. We water the forest garden using rainwater collected from our roofs and from our well. Our vehicles are plug-in electric, allowing us to drive using the power of the Costa Brava sun.

Our ultimate objective is to create a venue where our guests can focus on their self-improvement, knowing it comes at the most minimal cost to the environment.


Our drinking water comes from our well, which boasts mineral content to rival store-bought waters, and is purified on-site. We serve olive oil from olives grown on the estate, and our produce is either grown here or sourced hyper-locally, from providers we know face-to-face, and whose sustainability credentials we trust. Our delicious beer, wine and spirits list includes world-class craft beer made 3km from the house, top wines from 6km away, a London Dry Gin and ciders from 10km away. All of our wines are ecologically produced, some are vegan, and some are natural. Our nearest vineyard was Spain’s first cellar to achieve the prestigious CO2FREE certification. We make a selection of seasonal craft food drinks and products, from Kombucha and Kefir (for the health-conscious), Limoncello (for the brave), wine (for the foolhardy), and a large selection of jams, jellies, chutneys, kimchis, and other ferments and preserves from our garden's produce.

Biosphere Certification

In 2021, La Bruguera joined the Biosphere scheme, a sustainability assessment programme run by the UN's Responsible Tourism Institute. So far, we have achieved the Biosphere Committed seal, in recognition of our commitment as a business to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are now taking this to the next, highest level, and undergoing an audit of all our business processes and practices, in order to become fully Biosphere Certified, and look forward to being able to show other businesses and our guests, that being regenerative and sustainable, is achievable, aspirational, and profitable.

Responsible Tourism Institute Website

Research & Degrowth Academic Association

In 2020, LaB teamed up with the UAB university in Barcelona, to offer access to our business as a case study for students in the Masters in Degrowth, Political Ecology and Environmental Justice. In 2021, we also joined the Research & Degrowth Academic Association, and La Bruguera became a "Living Laboratory" for the association and the Masters Degree, where we will collaborate with students, academics, and activists researching and testing ways of further reducing our environmental impact, our interactions with "big-business" and the traditional capitalist economy, and proving that voluntary simplicity and "good growth" or economic degrowth in order to regenerate our damaged planet don't have to mean a loss in quality of life.

R&D Association Website
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