Art at La Bruguera: a tool for the ecosocial transition

In late 2023 and 2024 we are expanding our artistic activities, and we are very excited to tell our community and guests about our new artistic directions, which are in line with, and derive from, our environmental philosophy and activism for system change on earth. Read on, below, for a taste of the exciting art to come to and from the Bruguera Forest, in the coming months.

Casademont "Le Vieux": 1st Artist-in-residence

La Bruguera has a long artistic history. The main complex was built by the eminent Catalan landscape painter Francesc d’Assis Casademont “Le Vieux”, on land he bought from “Captain” John Peter Moore, Salvador Dalí’s secretary and business manager, who had built a castle on the land next door to La Bruguera. Casademont was an artist, and LaB was his residence, making him the first artist-in-residence, technically!

Michelle Wilson: 2nd Artist-in-Residence

Michelle Wilson, our co-director continued the role of “artist-in-residence” when we bought the estate in 2015. A nature-lover, like Casademont, Michelle’s work takes a much harder look at the various facets of the human-induced polycrisis our planet is facing, with powerful pieces exhibited around Catalonia dealing with fossil fuels, climate change, colonialism, the origins of the modern addiction to economic growth, patriarchy, organised religion, and the ‘pornification’ of contemporary pop music. In addition to her Instagram, you can see and read more about Michelle’s artwork, often accompanied by essays, on her website.

Edgar Massegu: New Artist-in-Residence

This winter, we are really excited to be adding another artist-in-residence, to the estate, and are welcoming Edgar Massegu and his work. Edgar is an artist after our own heart, and, like us, sees art as critical to initiating the kinds of mindset shifts necessary for bringing humanity into balance with the ecosystems of our planet.

You can read more about Edgar on his website, which says he “understands art as a tool of social transformation, his works are created from a subversive view of reality, where, impregnated with a certain visual poetry, he highlights social injustices and ecological disorder.” Edgar is also very active on instagram.

Edgar in the Guest House

At La Bruguera, Edgar has decorated a variety of spaces in and around the guest house, including a number of works relating to cycling, or made from bikes, as a nod to our cycling guests. In the garden he has turned the glass pavilion into a rotating exhibition, the first of which shows a large selection of his current sculptures made from scrap metal and paper.

We look forward to sharing Edgar’s work with guests and visitors to the estate in 2024. He will be here on site, available for guided tours of his work, and we have a number of other events planned to bring our conscientious, activist art to our planet-positive community.

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