Top-flight food is another thing that is done so well in Catalonia. It is no accident that the region is home to more Michelin stars per-capita, than anywhere else on earth.

The region boasts 19 stars, across 15 restaurants, and the nearest one to La Bruguera is less than 5km away: Bo.Tic, in Corca, has recently opened amazing new premises, powered by the energy of the Costa Brava sun, and Chef Albert Sastregener offers à la carte and tasting menus, sprouting from what he calls an “innovative, evolving cuisine-design project”, based on traditional Empordànese classics.

Miramar, in Llançà, with its stunning sea-front location is well worth a visit too - chef Paco Perez describes his menu as “a high-voltage and transgressive use of fine, local products”.

No gastronomy mention of Girona could be complete without mentioning El Celler de Can Roca, many years voted the best restaurant in the world - also a stopping point on any self-respecting gastronomy tour, as long as you book early! But the Roca brothers don’t have the only stars in Girona city - Massana, the restaurant of Chef Pere Massana has maintained its star since 2007, and has been producing top-drawer culinary innovation for 30 years.

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