With over 25yrs on the yogic path, Kirsti's ever evolving practice is a unique and effective blend of Hatha yoga and Qi Gong which she enjoys sharing with passion and curiosity. Her 300 hour IYN study & teacher training in London gave her exposure to a deep vein of tradition passed to the generation who were students of Iyengar and Krishnamacharya, and who returned to the west to transmit this knowledge. Now studying Qi Gong & living in Catalonia she offers a rich tapestry of movement and breath work, and can guide you seamlessly from anatomical focus to a deeper subtle experience of the whole body. Using breathing techniques and sound, self-massage and guided meditation, her teaching helps to release, restore & revitalise body and mind. Kirsti is an ardent fan and student of Indian Classical music and often brings the joys & benefits of classical Indian singing to her classes. She has a real love for the La Bruguera vibe and its beautiful yoga space, and developed our “Yoga for Cyclists” classes with Mike.

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