Permaculture Courses at La Bruguera!


This October we will be hosting four permaculture courses at La Bruguera, run by some great people. from around the world. 

As we begin our transition to an education-focused tourism business, we’ve been working to offer our community more and more courses on topics we know well, and about which we feel passionate. Last year, we hosted a weekend on Permaculture approaches to Water, and another on Soil building, taught by friend of La Bruguera, Rico Zook, on which you can read more here. We are working on bringing some of the best teachers of Regenerative Design, Permaculture, Degrowth and Holistic Planning to La Bruguera in this year and next, and are really excited to begin sharing this with you all. In 2022, we are offering twice as many courses as last year, and have lined up four courses which we believe you will find beneficial as we continue to encourage a move towards eco-centric ways of living.

Introduction to Permaculture Courses (7 days, English & Spanish options)

We will be hosting two weeklong Introduction to Permaculture courses, one run in Spanish, and one in English. Our Spanish course will be run by Antonio Scotti, and the English course by Rico Zook, though they will both assist each other on their respective weeks. Both weeks will feature our very own Giulia Parlante, who will be covering the Ethics and Principles section of the course, and her signature short hands-on workshop on fermentation

From the Introduction to Permaculture course, you will be taking away an overview of what permaculture is, and how to apply it in practice. This course is not the full 17-day Permaculture Design Course (PDC) but will provide you with the skills and understanding to apply the permaculture regenerative design system, as well as the resources to open up a wide range of new learning channels on water, soil, plants, trees, resource management, exchange, energy, and more. It is perfect for those who are wanting to understand permaculture, whether you have land of your own, access to shared land, or simply for those who want to learn the important role permaculture thinking can play in the transitions we need to be making ASAP to ensure the survival and thriving of our species.  

The course will be running:

In Spanish: 10th October – 16th October 2022

In English: 17th October – 23rd October 2022

Planet Positive Living (4 days, English)

Following on from the Introduction to Permaculture courses, we will be hosting a four-day Planet Positive Living course. Covering the “why and how to” of living a more planet positive life. The aim of this course is to help you create a plan on how to make individual, family, community and neighbourhood changes to implement a lifestyle with a significantly lighter ecological footprint. From consumption, to travel, food, and waste, Rico Zook will be taking you on a journey of how to simply implement this more conscious approach to living, with some helpful transformational ideas, and practical tips.

This course will be running:

In English: 24th October – 27th October 2022

Urban Permaculture (2 days, Bilingual)

The final course offering is a two-day Urban Permaculture course. This will run right after the above Planet-Positive Living course, and could be taken separately, or as an add-on to the PPL.  Taught by Rico and Antonio, you will take away the ethics and principles of permaculture, and how to implement the permaculture “whole systems thinking” approach to small-scale or urban living, regardless of how urban your location is, or whether you own no land and have only got a window-ledge worth of outdoor space! 

This course will be running:

In English: 28th October – 30th October

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