New flexible ways to enjoy La Bruguera

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We never really stop feeling lucky the stars aligned to make our little family the custodians of this forest that even came with a nice house attached in 2015, and we are always looking for new flexible ways to enjoy La Bruguera, and build the community. In the current COVID-19 climate, we’ve had to come up with a few new rates and methods, to get you out of the city into our fresh Empordà air. Our work exchange programme we trailed in our previous blog post is one, but we have a number of other ways for you to safely get your dose of La Bruguera during the virus crisis.

Weekend Getaways – 4 for 2!

We’re offering 4 nights for the price of 2 at present!  Pay for Friday and Saturday nights, and we’ll throw in Thursday and Sunday nights for free. That works out to €180 for a 4 day weekend in a double-occupancy room (twin or double), in our gorgeous country estate. Plus, you can add a number of different optional activities to your long weekends:

  • Delicious vegetarian meals filled with our garden produce and products made on site (additional cost)
  • Access to the yoga studio (free of charge)
  • Film nights (free of charge)
  • Opportunities to observe or even get your hands dirty in the permaculture garden (free of charge)
  • Masterclasses: Kombucha, Homemade Pasta, Fermentation & Pickling, Homemade Vegan Chorizo and Cheeses, and more… (additional cost)
  • Possibility of guided cycling in the Vall de la Pera forests (the large protected forest around La Bruguera is all within the municipalities we are allowed to explore under lockdown and we can show you all our favourite trails and roads) (additional cost)


Reduce rate long-term stays

Would you rather be on lockdown here in the forest with us?  Not surprised!  Are you looking for a calm place to work from home, write, make art, meditate, learn, grow, or train?  We get it – we are in the same situation, and take it from us, this place is great for all of that!

We’ve created new long-term rates for stays here, which we can do as self-catering, or with our lovely cooking, served communally every day. All of this can be done within the current rules and regulations regarding COVID-19, and we have increased our cleaning protocols and reduced our occupancy accordingly.

Get in touch to talk about your requirements.  We’ve got fast internet for you to work from here, and our long term guests can benefit from all the extra fun stuff we can offer our weekend guests above.

work from home at la bruguera
Work from home, at your home away from home!

Short-term Work-exchange

Are you interested in learning about permaculture by doing, but don’t have a long stretch of time to commit to our work-exchange programme?  Talk to us about coming for a short project!  We can put you up and feed you, whilst offering you the chance to take a small project from start to finish whilst you are here, under the watchful eye of a few of our permaculture experts currently residing on site.

new flexible ways to enjoy la bruguera
Dinner this evening, with Giulia, Christos and Amanda – here for various lengths of time, and helping and participating to varying degrees on our permaculture projects.

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