Sustainability is at the heart of our project at La Bruguera, and all of our energy is from renewable sources. We produce electricity from photovoltaic solar panels, and store the excess in batteries for night-time usage. Our hot water comes from solar thermal energy, air-source heat pumps, and a biomass boiler into which we put the logs and trimmings from our forest-custodian duties. We water the forest garden using rainwater collected from our roofs. Our business vehicle is plug-in electric, allowing us to drive using the power of the Costa Brava sun.

Our ultimate objective is to create a venue where our guests can focus on their self-improvement, knowing it comes at the most minimal cost to the environment.


Our drinking water comes from our well, which boasts mineral content to rival store-bought waters, and is purified on-site. We serve olive oil from olives grown on the estate, and our produce is either grown here or sourced hyper-locally, from providers we know face-to-face, and whose sustainability credentials we trust. Our delicious beer, wine and spirits list includes craft beer made as nearby as a kilometre from the house, wine from only 6km away, and a London Dry Gin and ciders from 10km away. All of our wines are ecologically produced, some are vegan, and we also carry a local sulfite-free natural red wine. Our nearest vineyard was Spain’s first cellar to achieve the prestigious CO2FREE certification. We make a selection of seasonal craft food products, from Limoncello (for the brave), wine (for the foolhardy), loquat and peach jams, and chutneys.

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