Soundbath Live Electronic Music Meditation

Soundbath sessions are performed live, by Vega Montero of Magam Musica, either in the yoga studio, or out in the forest at La Bruguera. Soundbath sessions are powerfully meditative and connect you directly to the vibrations of the sounds. Synthesizers have a super wide spectrum of sound waves, and Vega's live performances will subtly take you to another world, or connect you to the earth around you. Through sound, one can achieve a deep introspection, even those who are unfamiliar with meditation techniques, "travelling" to or discovering new places within.
Listeners describe feeling more conscious, clearing their busy minds, or simply feeling free to get more intimate with their inner self, as Vega plays in this sublime setting.


per person, minimum 6 people, 1 hour session

Magam Musica site

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