Mike is of Irish & Canadian origins, and has spent periods of his life in Japan, Switzerland, France, Chile then almost 20 years in London. Educated in Philosophy, Social Psychology, Urban Design, Architecture and Sustainability, he spent almost two decades dedicated to urban sustainability projects, for international development, in various far-flung corners of the world, including Catalonia. After brain surgery in 2012 changed Mike and Michelle’s lives, they moved to Catalonia, and became both the planners and residents of La Bruguera. The estate is the incarnation of their environmental and social principles. Mike continues to work occasionally on sustainability-related urban design projects, most recently for the World Bank in Tanzania. He is an avid cyclist, a qualified British Cycling Federation coach, and currently the Catalan Tourism Agency’s cycling expert advisor.


Michelle was born in South Africa, to a British and American family, has lived on four continents and travelled extensively. After growing up in Asia and studying in the US, she spent almost 20 years in London. She is a mixed media artist and an art psychotherapist, and studied Fine Art, Art History, Social Policy, and Art Psychotherapy. Before La Bruguera, she worked in project and operations management at two London universities, then as an art psychotherapist, a social worker, and an advocate for children and young people at a leading children’s charity. Michelle’s professional interests are in the use of evidence-based therapies for achieving mental health and wellness, and the use of the arts as a change agent. Her background has been instrumental to getting the details right at La Bruguera, which she likens to a ‘holding space’ (Bowlby, Winnicott), where basic needs are nurtured, so that guests can focus more attentively on their personal development and growth.

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