Introduction to Permaculture Session

In our Introduction to Permaculture Session, Mike, co-owner of La Bruguera, sustainability consultant, university lecturer and Permaculture Design Certificate holder will take you through the Ethics and Principles of Permaculture. We'll discuss Permaculture in the light of other relevant eco thought frameworks, such as Sustainability and Regenerative Agriculture, and then take a tour of the La Bruguera facilities and gardens to see the various initiatives, installations and projects which have emerged over the years here, as a result of the permaculture-driven master-planning effort which is constantly underway here. If there is something in particular you would like to see, feel free to ask. Tours might include visits to the BioIntensive veggie garden, the new pond ecosystem, our rainwater collection ponds, the vermi-composter (worm compost), the agroforestry system, the food forest, or the "resource corner" where we make soil and mulch from prunings and food waste and collect items which could be resources on site in the future.


per person (4 person minimum). 2 hour session including lecture, and guided tour of the permaculture garden at La Bruguera.

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