History & Archeological Tourism

With over 2000 years of history, Girona is full of museums and historic buildings, from different periods of inhabitation: the Jewish Quarter Museum, the Arab Baths, the German Gardens, and Spanish Civil War era installations, for example. There are walking tours available to help decipher this ancient city and its legends.

Around the Empordà, you can visit the remains of the 6th century BC Greek settlement of Emporion, and the subsequent Roman settlements next door, which were inhabited until the 6th century AD. Or visit Ullastret, the 4000 year old semi Iberian hilltop town, or follow many of the hiking trails in the Cap de Creus, Albères, or Gavarres hills, to see megalithic stone Dolmens or Menhirs erected by Stone and Bronze Age Iberians.

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