E-Bike Cycle touring

Our e-bike partners Burricleta are all set up to provide a customised e-bike experience from La Bruguera for our guests. Their locally-made electric bikes level the playing field between different fitness levels, and make cycling together easy for multi-age, multi-ability groups. The rugged, comfortable Burricleta bikes are easy to use, available in sizes and with add-ons such as child trailers and seats which suit almost all ages, are great on paved and unpaved rural routes, and come with user-friendly GPS units, with a great pre-loaded route, starting and finishing at La Bruguera. They also include audio guides, in our four working languages, to listen to at stopping points, to learn more about the medieval villages, ancient ruins, or geographic features. Burricleta also provide mechanical service while you are out on the road, and can provide guides if you so desire. Add your required number of e-bikes on our reservation page ahead of your trip, or check up on availability with us while you are here.


Self-guided, e-bike for the medieval villages route, including helmet, GPS, lock, saddle bags and rescue car (if required!) Prices are higher if you would like a guide.

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