Biomechanical Tests: Bike Fit, Power, Muscle-response

Our partners FitMetric offer a full range of biomechanical tests, using the newest technology, available nowhere else commercially, to help you improve the finer points of your cycling and running, whilst avoiding injury and putting out more power. You can have their tests during your stay here, or book in to one of our monthly clinics.

Basic Bike Fit
This test consists of positioning the rider at the correct angles, and making the necessary changes and adjustments to the bike, to adapt their posture to this position. This will improve performance, and avoid injury in the short and long term.


for 1,5 hour fitting session and bike adjustments


for each additional bike (e.g. MTB, gravel, etc)

Bike Fit + EMG
Apart from performing a bike fit, during this test we will undertake a functional evaluation of the musculature, by measuring muscle response during specific exercises which have a similar movement pattern as pedalling. We will also undertake the Electromiographic (EMG) measurement of muscle response during 10 to 20 second pedalling efforts. This examination will enable the identification of possible lateral muscle imbalances which can result in performance reduction or injury.


for 2 hour session

Performance test
This test consists of an incremental increase in power output with the principal objective being to measure muscle performance and ability during pedalling. We will extract a variety of data from this test, including indicators of lateral imbalances, or areas for improvement arising from observed sudden increases in lactate, under strain, as well as other measurements such as functional threshold power and critical power.


for 2 hour session


for 2h30min session, including a Bike Fit

Lactate Threshold Test
A lactate threshold test, done using tiny blood samples taken during effort on the stationary bike, the analysts can draw the rider’s lactate curve, which gives us information on the rider’s thresholds, which is the most reliable way to plan and program training sessions. This is the most accurate way to determine raining zones, and thresholds such as aerobic, anaerobic, lactate. From these thresholds, super-accurate individually-tailored training plans can be produced.


for 2h30min session, including a Bike Fit & Performance test

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