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October 17 - 9:00 am


October 23 - 5:30 pm

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La Bruguera de Púbol

La Bruguera de Púbol

La Pera, Spain, 17120

Want to make a difference for the planet? Get in to Regenerative Design? Discover how you can apply Permaculture to your balcony, garden, neighbourhood, village, city, farm, estate or region, and you can be making better environmental choices in a snap.

This week long Introduction to Permaculture Course, is perfect for those who are interested in getting started in permaculture, but aren’t quite ready, or don’t have the time, to complete a full Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC). We’ll be covering the majority of the PDC topics, and giving you a chance to get your hands dirty and see active Permaculture projects, in the La Bruguera forest garden.

In this 7-day dynamic, interactive course, we offer the philosophical and practical foundations of Permaculture and Regenerative Living. With a mixture of lectures, discussions, exercises, hands-on work and Walkabouts, together we create an engaging learning environment that weaves together the various elements and explains their critical systemic relationships. We’ll bring the learner towards a dynamic whole that is not only comprehensive, but comprehensible.

This course gives you the foundations and understandings from which you can start applying what you have learned directly in your life. It also prepares you to continue learning and understanding, be it via observation, doing, books, internet, or in other courses. While this is an information and experience-dense course, we create a relaxed and fun-based environment that maximises engagement and learning, to help you become part of the solution.

Get in touch with La Bruguera on or Whatsapp/Telegram/Phone +34 630802901 to sign up or get more info.

About the Instructors
Rico Zook has lived and worked the land for over 40 years and brings practical and experience-based knowledge to this course. As well as creating and working with a variety of land-based systems in all types of climate, for the past 23 years he has been a permaculture designer, consultant and educator, working with farmers, villagers, private individuals and local organisations in India, SE Asia, Spain, USA, the middle East and other parts of the world.

Rico will be assisted by Antonio Scotti, Giulia Parlante and Mike Duff, at different times during the week.

About Antonio
Permaculture designer, educator and author. He attended his first PDC at the Montsant Permaculture Institute in 2001 and a second PDC with Darren Doherty in 2009, accredited by The Permaculture Institute (Australia).

He completed his Diploma in Applied Permaculture in 2012, by the Accademia Italiana di Permacultura.

Antonio attended permaculture teacher training courses in 2004, taught by Andy Langford and Robena McCurdy in the UK and in 2011, taught by and Rosemary Morrow in Austria.

Since his initial training, he has been involved in the development of the Iberian Permaculture Network and has given more than 30 introductory courses, several CDPs and talks for the Spanish state.

About Giulia
Born and raised in Italy, Giulia started her Permaculture journey 6 years ago with a PDC in Thailand. She subsequently lived and worked a permaculture lifestyle for 4 years in various Asian countries, complementing her learning with Natural Building and Natural Farming.
Back in Europe in 2020 she continues to cultivate her passion for organic gardening, fermentation and cooking, working at PDCs and Permaculture internships at Can Lliure Eco-Sanctuary. The same year she becomes the first long-term volunteer at La Bruguera, establishing relationships throughout the local area, filling the basement with hundreds of fermenting and pickling jars, installing an experimental bio-water-treatment plant, and greatly increasing the productivity of the estate’s agroforestry-system and vegetable garden. “Julix” currently lives and works in the Alta Garrotxa, gardening, fermenting and cooking for Permaculture courses and local eco-restaurants, based at Can Lliure. She is also the co-founder of the Italian project “Trafficanti di Pasta”.

About Mike
Mike has studied Philosophy & Social Psychology, Urban Sociology & Design, and Architecture & Sustainability, worked as an Urban Designer, Sustainability & Regeneration consultant, and taught systems thinking and permaculture to university-level architecture and design students in several countries. He has been well-read about Permaculture for 15 years, and finally did a full PDC in 2019. He has been running La Bruguera de Púbol since 2015, and developing the centre into a successful, low-impact eco-tourism and education venue. The completion of a PDC, and having La Bruguera be chopsen as a new “Living Laboratory” for the Academic Association “Research and Degrowth International”, at the University of Barcelona, have been a real impulse for him to expand his teaching impact, and he will be completing his Permaculture Teacher Training in March 2023.

Prices include all food and accommodation (if required) during the week, and are as follows:

Day attendees (lunch included): €480
Camping attendees (3 meals a day inc.): €530
Guest house attendees (shared twin room, 3 meals a day inc.): €640

Get in touch with La Bruguera on or Whatsapp/Telegram/Phone +34 630802901 to sign up or get more info.

También ofrecemos este curso en Castellano, la semana anterior, liderado por Antonio Scotti, con la asistencia de Rico Zook y Mike Duff.

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