BLOG: Giving the Gift of La Bruguera
December 23rd, 2020

By popular demand, we’re happy to announce that we are launching Gift Certificates for Weekend Experiences, here at La Bruguera for 2021. Buy yourself or someone you love, a weekend at La Bruguera, and then cash it in when the vagueries of the virus allow!

Your weekend experience includes:

  • 2 nights in a double room at La Bruguera
  • 3 homegrown, homemade, vegetarian meals a day
  • Your choice of up to 3 masterclasses

We’ve been working hard on a new programme of ecologically-minded workshops and classes to offer our guests, in an effort to deepen our positive impact.  These hands-on 1 to 2 hour sessions will give you everything you need to know to apply these techniques successfully when you arrive home.

Masterclasses which will feature on the calendar in 2021 are as follows:

  • Fermentation: Learn the ancient art of making your harvest last longer, by assembling some jars of deliciousness to take home, with lacto-fermentation. Kimchi, Choucroute, Pickle – learn the fundamentals of these classic homemade essentials.
  • Kombucha: Learn the basics of making Kombucha, and some tricks to make it taste great!
  • Fresh Pasta: Get floury in the kitchen learning how to make two types of pasta – one filled, one noodle, with Giulia, from Trafficanti di Pasta. You’ll take away a few factsheets on the flours you’ve used, and some recipes.
  • Forest foraging: Take a guided walk of the forest in and around La Bruguera, and collect herbs and other plants, before returning to the kitchen to make use of them. (This workshop combines neatly with the fresh pasta session – you can forage the filling for your ravioli before making it yourself!) We’ll leave you with a few factsheets on the plants you’ve picked, and their usage.
  • Vegan Chorizo: how to make this Spanish classic, at home, fully vegan!  We’ll take you through the steps, hands-on in the kitchen, and then you can take your creation home, stuff your fresh pasta with it, or put it on a pizza here for dinner!
  • Introduction to Permaculture: Ever wondered what Permaculture is?  This illustrated lecture will take you through this system devised to help you design your home or homestead according to nature’s principles, by examining the ethics and design principles which underpin it. Presented by Mike, owner of La Bruguera, Permaculture Design Certificate graduate, and university lecturer in Sustainability.
  • Renewable-Energy home: Curious about how you can achieve only using renewable energy in your house? In this session we will do an illustrated presentation and guided, hands-on tour, during which we will show you all the technology installed at La Bruguera, which allow us to run on 100% renewable energy: Solar PV panels, Solar Thermal Panels, Heat Pumps, a Biomass Boiler, Lithium Ion Batteries and an Inertia Tank, as well as a few other clever gadgets. Presented and guided by Mike, owner of La Bruguera, consultant and university lecturer in sustainability.
  • Catalan Wine-tasting: Learn all about the wine regions of Catalonia, the tasting notes of the various varietals here, and of course, enjoy the wines live! Presented and guided by Maria del Mar, our experienced enologist. (Note – this masterclass entails an extra cost for the wines, depending on grade of wines, and the number of attendees. Get in touch to discuss.)

We are offering these Gift Certificates for €495, and upon purchase we will send you a beautiful PDF certificate, should you wish to present it to a loved one.

Contact us directly to buy your gift certificate!
+34 630 802 901 (Whatsapp/Phone)

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