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October 24 - 6:00 pm


October 27 - 4:00 pm

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La Bruguera de Púbol

La Bruguera de Púbol

La Pera, Spain, 17120

Are you frustrated by promises and no action from governments and corporations?

Are you sick of watching climate change, environmental degradation, social stresses and economic shocks worsen?

Do you want to take action and be part of the solution, but don’t know where to start?

If you know recycling is simply not enough, can smell the ‘green-washing’ all around you, and you want to be part of the solution, this course could be right for you.

This course, developed and led by Permaculture expert Rico Zook (i-Permaculture) is devised to set you on the path to becoming an environmentally and socially positive change maker, in ways which are guaranteed to be impactful and measurable.

In this course we will briefly survey the current planetary challenges before laying out the philosophical and foundational concepts of living a Planet-Positive life.

After an overview of how life on our planet and regenerative systems work, we will apply this kind of thinking, together, to identify real, practical actions for ourselves, by focussing on two key scales critical to making lasting positive change; the personal and the communal.

During the course you will develop a customised path, based on a the regenerative framework we’ll teach you, so you leave with steps to adjust your work and home life, guided by our instructor crew with decades of study, experience, and real-life application of regenerative thinking and living.

A shift from an industrialised materialistic society to an economy in harmony with our planet is never going to be easy, nor is it supported by our current political, corporate and economic power structures.

However, a shift that starts at the personal scale need not be a struggle. It can be an enriching realigning of your day-to-day life with the beauty of our planet, which gave birth to, and continually supports all life, at no cost to us.

Although the motivation for shifting our lifestyles is to prevent further degradation of these life systems, there are real side benefits, from monetary savings, to the intellectual and emotional rewards of understanding life more intimately and becoming a proactive regenerative member of your community.
Course content will include:

– Intro to Regenerative & Systems thinking
– ‘Sustainability’ or Regenerative Living?
– Introduction to Natural Systems, life creation and life support
– How life on earth is Regenerative
– Growing a Regenerative System
– What to do: Practical and Impactful actions
– Creating a Regenerative Community
– Creating a Personal Road Map for Shifting to a Planet Positive Life

To create a regenerative society and culture, everyone, from mechanics and musicians, to office workers, business people and politicians, to farmers, tailors, truck drivers, artists, children, and fishermen, must create a life that is grounded in regenerative thinking and actions.

Join us, and this growing community, to be the solution that our world needs now.

Food, Lodging & Materials Costs (4 days, per person):
Day attendance (lunches included) €249
Camping: tents or vans (3 meals/day included) €289
Bedroom: double occupancy (3 meals/day incl.) €369

Teaching: Donations-based payment € ___
Rico will accept payment on a donation basis for his teaching during this course. Attendees will be asked to make a donation in line with what they can afford, in order to make his teaching available to a wider range of personal budgets.

Whatsapp/Telegram/Tel +34 630 802 901

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