Cycling: Road, Gravel, MTB

It’s no coincidence that over 100 pro cyclists live in Girona, nor is it by chance that La Bruguera has been selected as the Official Training Centre for the newest UCI Women’s Professional Cycling Team, Massi-Tactic. Beautiful roads, a variety of terrain, polite traffic, a host of local business run by cyclists, and a public sector that invests in cycling, makes this the region to keep coming back to for riding. On the road, the myriad gravel tracks or MTB trails, you will have an unforgettable experience. We are fully bike-friendly, with secure bike storage, maintenance and washing facilities, as well as tools, a route database for guests, and endurance-tuned nutrition. Our bike rental partners can source and deliver all types of bikes, as well as family cycling accessories, guides, support-vehicles and mechanical support. We can source professional massage, coaching or dietician services.

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