BLOG: Coming Soon! New La Bruguera cycling kit
November 14, 2020

We’ll be launching our new La Bruguera cycling kit soon, in our shiny new online shop! We are very excited – every cyclist loves new kit day! The 2020 version is again made by Tactic Sport, and the cut is their “Hard Day” fit, as before. The new livery is a dark take on our first set, which proved popular since its launch in 2019.  We found it was time for darker jersey, for winter, and for those gravelly-adventure rides where you know you’re going to be coming home filthy!  We’ve kept the popular nature-inspired pattern, ensuring the jersey still matches the bib shorts, so you can either take your pick between dark and light top, or mix and match, without clashing with your Bruguera bibs! The dark green gilet, with pass-through pockets, which we released with the first set will continue to tie in nicely as well!

new la bruguera cycling kit
Dark mode: the dirt-proof, sun-absorbing version of our classic white Bruguera kit.

Our partners Tactic Sport, who make all their custom performance sportswear right here in Girona, are busy manufacturing our first delivery of the new black stuff as we type, and we’ll have them all online for sale in early December in time for Christmas orders. We’ll be offering a selection of shipping options for national (Spain) addresses and those of you who are in Europe or further afield and want quick, traceable shipping.

Watch this space and all the regular channels for the launch of the online shop. If you are interested in pre-purchasing, get in touch and we will reserve your size and cut for you, and have it sent off to you once it’s rolled of the Tactic presses. You can drool over the original design, which will still be available to purchase, below:

La Bruguera cycling kit sleeve La Bruguera cycling kit La Bruguera cycling kit La Bruguera cycling kit La Bruguera cycling kit La Bruguera cycling kit

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